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Welcome to the Museum of Hawaiian Shirts. We have created this museum to honor, admire and celebrate the art and craft of Hawaiian, or Aloha, shirts. This museum will primarily showcase vintage shirts from the 1940s - 1970s, but will also exhibit more modern shirts as they are a valid part of the art of Hawaiian shirts, and will soon be considered vintage as the years go by.

We are constantly searching for shirts to add to our collection and exhibits, as well as researching the history of the individuals and companies that created this wonderful art form. New exhibits will be added on a regular basis and new information will be added as we find it. The museum strives for accuracy in every area and we welcome any information our visitors may have.

We invite you with warm Aloha to visit the various exhibits. We encourage you to become a member and join with us in preserving the history of this fine art. We welcome your input and are interested in hearing your comments as well as looking at your collection.
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