The HRH Story

HRH stands for Howard R Hope, father of Dale Hope. (See Kahala Story). The company produced shirts from 1950 – 1970.

From the Kahala Story:

Hope had been working with his dad in the men’s shirt business under the label HRH. “Our label was confused with the English royalty; it wasn’t romantic; and it was a hard name to advertise,” says Hope. The name Kahala was also the name of a fashionable O‘ahu neighborhood bounded by beautiful Kahala Beach. “I wanted to change the name,” he says, “so we threw a big garden party and fashion show at a house on Kahala Beach.”

The buyers were persuaded and HRH officially became Kahala in 1979. In 1991 Hope sold the company, remaining as art director for 10 years, returning as brand manager when Tori Richard bought the company in 2006.


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1950s - 70s
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